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Family Budget

Define a Low Income Family

"Low-income family" is a term tied to the measure of poverty in the United States. In 2008, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, 1...

Ten Biggest Expenses of the American Family

Budgets seem to get tighter every year for the average American family. If the income rises at all, it happens much more slowly th...

Financial Help for Parents

Parents can find financial help through a number of avenues. Temporary financial support is available through the government for p...

The Monthly Budget for Food for a Family of Four

When economic times get rocky, one of the first places families start trying to cut back on expenses is their food bills. This isn...

How to Create an Annual Family Budget

Creating an annual family budget is a relatively easy thing to do, but many households overlook this basic planning process. Essen...

Free Family Budget Tools

Raising a family presents plenty of challenges, not the least of which are the financial hurdles of caring for children in a safe ...

How to Make a Budget for a Family of 4

Sitting down and making a family budget may not be the most fun activity you ever do. However, the effort and thought you put into...

How to Start a Family Budget

A family budget is a useful tool to determine your current financial status, control and monitor spending and plan for the future....

Examples of Family Budgets

At some point in your life, some of your family’s budgeting goals are going to change, along with your circumstances and inc...

How to Feed a Family of Five on a Low Budget

If you need to survive on a low amount of money, cutting the cost of your grocery bill is a logical tactic. According to the Burea...
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