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Family Life

How to Build a Healthy Family Relationship

Building a healthy family relationship is essential for families of all types. Whether it is a married couple, a family of four or...

How to Feed a Large Family Healthy Meals on a Budget

Healthy eating doesn't have to be expensive. If you have a family of four or more with a stretched budget, it may seem imposs...

Traditional Iraqi Child Rearing Practices

Family unity and respect are prioritized in Iraqi families. Children are reared under the expectation that they should strive to f...

Rights of the Beneficiary of an Irrevocable Family Trust

The laws of each state establish the requirements for creating an irrevocable family trust as well as the specific rights of benef...

Things to Do to Improve Relationships With Kids

All relationships evolve, have ups and down and take work to maintain. That includes the relationship with your child. Your infant...

Silly Outdoor Games for Fun

The next time boredom strikes on a pleasant afternoon, get the kids outside to burn some energy, take in the fresh air and get som...

How to Cope With Taking Care of an Elderly Mother

Many baby boomers find themselves in a position of caring for an elderly parent, which can create financial, emotional and physica...

How to Maintain a Healthy Family

It takes some considerable effort to develop a healthy family structure, and it takes continued focus to maintain one. The investm...

Behavior Modification Through Positive Reinforcement

B. F. Skinner, the theorist behind operant conditioning, proposed positive reinforcement as a useful method of modifying behavior....

How to Teach Children to Respect Parents & Siblings

Building a household with respectful family members can prove to be an ongoing challenge. When one member of a household behaves d...
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