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How to Get Over Being Afraid of Meeting New People

Conquering your fear of meeting new people can open you up to new opportunities and life experiences. Interacting with strangers i...

Overcoming Fear After a Sports Injury

After incurring an injury in sports, it can be difficult to recover physically and mentally. Some athletes experience stress and a...

Steps to Overcome Fear of Confrontation

A complete lack of confrontation may sound like a peaceful existence, but those who suffer from a fear of confrontation know that ...

Ways to Overcome Fear of Needles

If you suffer from a debilitating fear of needles, called belonephobia, you're not alone. In a study performed by School of Medici...

Exercises to Overcome Fear of Intimacy

The fear of intimacy can be rooted in a variety of emotions. You may have had your trust violated in the past, or be nervous about...

Ways to Overcome Fear of Death

The fear of death, otherwise known as thanatophobia, can leave you paralyzed and terrified at the thought of getting out of bed ea...

How to Help a Spouse Overcome a Fear of Intimacy

According to Matthew Kelly, author of "The Seven Levels of Intimacy," “We all yearn for intimacy, but we avoid it....

How to Overcome Fear on the Basketball Court

Fear can overcome any athlete. Some fear the game itself, but others fear the large crowds (enochlophobia) that often come to bask...
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