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Feeding Tubes

Tube Feeding for Infants

Feeding tubes are placed for infants who have trouble eating with a bottle or breastfeeding. For many children, a feeding tube is ...

The Process of Death From Refusal of Feeding Tube

Nutrition and hydration are vital to life. Some conditions prevent a person from being able to take adequate nutrition by mouth. I...

Withholding or Withdrawal of Nutrition or Hydration

End-of-life decisions are complicated and difficult. These decisions can be especially trying to patients and families who are alr...

What Are the Side Effects of Feeding Tubes?

A feeding tube is a long, narrow tube inserted into the stomach indirectly through the nose or mouth, or directly through the abdo...

How Is a Feeding Tube Removed?

Feeding tube removal is usually performed by a licensed health care professional, either a nurse or physician. Nasogastric feeding...

Renal Enteral Nutrition

Enteral nutrition refers to the direct delivery of nutrients into the stomach and small intestines through a feeding tube. Over th...

Tube Feeding and Medication Administration

How to take your medications was probably not your first concern when you talked to your doctor about a feeding tube. But improper...

Side Effects of a J-Tube Feed Tube

A jejunostomy tube, or J-tube -- also known as a percutaneous endoscopic jejunostomy tube -- is a feeding tube inserted through th...

G-Tube Feeding Formulas for High Protein Nutrition

A G-tube, or gastric tube, is a surgically placed tube that goes through the skin of your abdomen directly into your stomach to pr...

What Are the Different Types of Feeding Tubes?

Placing a tube within the gastrointestinal tract for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes is medically termed as gastrointestinal in...
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