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Fetal Development

What Does an Unborn Baby Look Like at 15 Weeks?

At 15 weeks gestation, your unborn baby measures four inches long from crown to rump. Babycenter states that he also weighs about ...

Pregnancy at 37 Weeks

At 37 weeks, a pregnancy is full term--if the baby is born now, it will not be premature. Ideally, however, the pregnancy will con...

How Can I Tell What Position My Unborn Baby Is In?

Knowing how to determine your unborn baby's position can be quite valuable as you progress and grow closer to your delivery date. ...

About Pregnancy & First Trimester Bleeding & Blood Clots

Normally, pregnant women stop having menstrual periods, but vaginal bleeding may still occur during pregnancy. Although the bleedi...

What Can Stress Do to the Unborn Baby?

Pregnancy can be one of the most amazing times in a woman's life--but also one of the most stressful, with physical and hormonal c...

The Size of an Unborn Baby at One Month

From the time a woman learns she is pregnant, with both anxiety and exhilaration, she wonders how her baby is growing and developi...

Causes of the Baby Not Moving Much at Twenty-Three Weeks Pregnant

Sometime in the second trimester, after the 14th week of pregnancy, a mother may begin to feel her baby move. As time goes on the ...

About Fetal Development at 13 Weeks

The 13th week of fetal development finishes out the first trimester. At this point, the activity in the womb shifts from developme...

4 Weeks Pregnancy Signs

Full term pregnancy is measured as 40 weeks, but the first day of pregnancy is counted as the first day of the last menstrual peri...

Can Exercising Kill an Unborn Baby?

For most pregnant women, exercise is not only safe, but it is also encouraged. Exercise can help you feel better mentally and phys...
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