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Field Hockey

Skills for Field Hockey

Field hockey is basically a combination of hockey and soccer. Like soccer, there are 11 players on each side, including a goalkeep...

Why Are All Field Hockey Sticks Right Handed?

Field hockey sticks are typically between 36 and 38 inches in length and are traditionally made out of wood. According to the rule...

The History of Field Hockey Equipment

Hockey is considered the oldest ball-and-stick game in existence. Field hockey was born prior to the advent of ice hockey. The equ...

How to Shoot the Ball in Field Hockey

Field hockey shots have to deal with more friction slowing them down than the shots taken in ice hockey, but the shots still have ...

Similarities Between Soccer & Field Hockey

Many sports are similar, branching off from a common source. Although soccer and field hockey do not appear to have developed from...

Differences Between Field Hockey Balls & Lacrosse Balls

For centuries, people have enjoyed the sports of field hockey and lacrosse. Current evidence suggests that field hockey likely ori...

Fun Field Hockey Drills

Field hockey drills are designed to improve your scoring and defensive abilities. In addition to basic offensive and defensive fun...
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