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Financial Aspects of Divorce

What Happens When You Lie on Your Divorce Financial Affidavit?

You execute a divorce financial affidavit under oath in front of a notary public. Consequently, you swear on your oath that the in...

What Happens When You Don't Pay Child Support?

The laws of all 50 states impose sanctions and penalties on you for failing to pay your court-ordered child support obligation, ac...

How to Compose a Hardship Letter for Child Support

Limited situations exist in which you can pursue a reduction in your child support obligation due to some sort of hardship, a situ...

How to Pay Child Support When Receiving Social Security Disability

Even if you're disabled and receiving Social Security disability benefits, you can still be pursued for child support. The benefit...

How Does a Custodial Parent on Social Security Disability Affect Child Support?

A custodial parent receiving Social Security benefits for a disability can affect child support in several ways. The primary issue...

How to Collect Child Support From a Deadbeat Dad

You protect the best interests of your children by taking a firm stand against a deadbeat dad who is not providing the financial s...

Personal Injury Settlement & Child Support

Most states obligate a parent who owes past due child support to pay that support out of a personal injury settlement if they rece...

Alimony Laws in Delaware

Alimony or spousal maintenance laws of Delaware are set forth in the Delaware Code, Title 13, Chapter 15. The Delaware Code provis...

Split Custody & Child Support

States reserve their right to use their own calculation procedures when it comes to child support. Custody definitions can vary sl...

Alimony Laws in Georgia

In Georgia, the court can award alimony, also referred to as spousal support, to either party involved in a divorce. The court wil...
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