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What Is Stink Bait?

Many fishermen will tell you that fishing isn't as much about what you catch as it is about the fishing experience. But if you're ...

Best Bass Baits for Early Summer Fishing

In early summer, bass are settling into patterns that they will sustain and are visiting places that they will return to for the n...

Tips for Striped Bass Fishing in Rivers

Striped bass is a popular game fish that spends most of its life offshore in the ocean. But mature adults of this species migrate ...

Tips for Cat Fishing in a River

While catfish can be found everywhere from lakes to ponds and reservoirs, rivers provide a unique fishing experience. Catching a c...

Susquehanna River Fishing Hot Spots in Pennsylvania

At 444 miles, the Susquehanna is one of the longest rivers in the United States. It creates the backbone of most river fishing in ...

Fishing in Baker Lake, Washington

Baker Lake, located in the Cascade Mountains in Washington State, offers great fishing for salmon and trout. In 2010, the lake ope...

Grass Carp Fishing Tips

Grass carp, also known as white amur, are a type of Asian minnow that can reach up to 4 feet long and weigh up to 100 pounds. An i...

Is There Limit to How Much Tuna Fish and Sardines You Can Eat?

Fish, including sardines and tuna, is a healthy food that provides you with omega-3 fatty acids and other beneficial nutrients. Th...

The Best Surf Fishing Rods

Surf fishing off the coast exposes you to big fish and even bigger water. As a result, the tackle and equipment needs to withstand...

Tips for Catfish Fishing in Arizona

Abundant catfish live in Arizona’s warmer desert lakes and rivers. They thrive not only in rural waterways, but also in the ...
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