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Food Addiction

Why Are Teenagers Addicted to Junk Food and Fizzy Drinks?

From the cupboards at home to vending machines at school, kids regularly have access to a wide range of junk foods, sodas and ener...

Signs of Food Addiction Withdrawal

The ingredients in food often have a similar effect on your brain and its chemical reactions as drugs, according to the American S...

How to Break an Addiction to Carbs & Sugar

Refined carbs and sugar can be very addictive. A review of the research published in the "Current Opinion in Clinical Nutriti...

Side Effects of Caffeine Withdrawal

Caffeine blocks brain receptors that can dilate the blood vessels. This may lead to some withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches. T...

Dopamine & Food Addiction

If you are struggling with food addiction, you are not alone. Humans are evolutionarily wired to seek nutrition and have developed...

How to Take Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes help your body break down fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Your digestive system uses natural enzymes, but in s...

Signs & Symptoms of Food Obsession and Addiction

At one time, overeating was considered an eating disorder stemming from emotional problems. It was treated through psychotherapy o...
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