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The Effects of Organic Fertilizer on Plants

Use of organic fertilizers offers a safer alternative to synthetic options. Their use is tied with the rise in organic farming. Ac...

Pros & Cons of Growing Your Own Fruits & Vegetables

Home gardening is gaining popularity in the United States, where renewed interest in self-sufficiency and green living has become ...

The 10 Best Fruits and Vegetables to Plant Anywhere

The 10 Best Fruits and Vegetables to Plant Anywhere . Life in the big city often includes a small backyard or none at all, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice a home veggie garden. You don’t need a family farm -- or even an official garden! Generous sunshine, good soil, irrigation and creativity are the four requirements for a successful city garden. When you take stock of the space available, remember that plants can grow vertically as well as spread out horizontally. Think pallet planting, hanging baskets and planting towers. Even small plots of two or three feet square can sustain a plant or two. Making the best use of every sunny inch requires clever planting techniques, careful crop selection and a little imagination. Here are 10 small-garden edibles that you can try growing this summer.

Herbs to Grow Muscle Mass

No herb can facilitate muscle growth without diet and exercise. However, several herbs may be viable complementary components of a...

Which Vegetables & Edible Plants Grow Best Indoors?

Supplement your meals with home-grown vegetables and edible plants even if you don't have outdoor garden space. Include herbs ...

The Best Vegetables for Vertical Gardening

Whether you live in an apartment with only a small balcony for gardening or enjoy ample space in your backyard, growing vegetables...

The Best Vegetables to Grow Hydroponically

Hydroponic vegetables grow in a controlled environment using a mixture of liquid nutrients and no soil. Although a small herb grow...

Yucca Flower Facts

Yucca is actually a family of several species of perennial plants of the southern regions of the United States and throughout Mexi...

Benefits of Garden Vegetables

For decades, nutritionists and health experts have been encouraging the public to consume more fruits and vegetables. According to...

What Is Hatha Jodi?

Hatha Jodi is a type of root that is often described as resembling human arms with clenched fists, according to IndianNetZone.com....
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