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General Hair Care

What is the Function of Human Hair?

Compared with other primates, humans have very little hair on their bodies. However, what hair we do have serves various important...

Hair Products for Limp Hair

Hair types can be divided into several common categories, such as curly hair and coarse hair. Limp hair is often fine in texture a...

Cholesterol for the Hair

Professionals and beauty-conscious individuals have used one of the cheapest deep-conditioning treatments available, cholesterol, ...

Remedies for Green Hair

Avid swimmers with blond hair may encounter problems. The hard metals and minerals in the water, including copper, iron and mangan...

Joico K-Pak Shampoo Ingredients

Joico's website reports that its K-Pak shampoo has a creamy texture and a nourishing, restorative mixture of keratin and ...

How to Make an Electric Herbal Vaporizer

A homemade vaporizer utilizes hot air to extract the possibly helpful compounds in burnable herbs. According to a study provided b...

Lice and Dreadlocks

Head lice can wreak havoc on your dreadlocks. Because dreads are long tubes of tightly knotted hair, combing them with a fine-toot...

Hair Damage From Extensions

Movie and music celebrities, such as Cameron Diaz and Madonna, have worn hair extensions to create new hairstyles, according to th...

Safe Shampoos for Kids

Even if a shampoo for kids is labeled as safe and gentle, you must double check the ingredients list and make sure there aren't co...

How to Use Vinegar to Remove Product Residue from Hair

According to "The Science of Hair Care," hair is susceptible to residue build-up from the use of styling products. Lucki...
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