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Going Green

What Are the Benefits of Green Architecture?

According to the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), "green," or sustainable, building practices have environmental, ec...

Septic Tank Warning Signs

Septic tanks capture wastewater and treat it with anaerobic bacteria to make it safe to discharge. Anaerobic bacteria function in ...

Ten Reasons Why We Should Go Green

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a carbon footprint is calculated by the total emissions of greenhouse gases into...

Why Does a Toothache Come & Go Every Few Months?

Tooth pain can be sharp and sudden or dull and chronic. There are an infinite number of causes, but the most puzzling cases involv...

What Items Can't Be Recycled?

While most people are aware of the importance of recycling and the benefits it can provide to the environment, not everyone unders...

The Effects of Sitting in the Sauna

A sauna is a type of heat bath that uses dry heat to create very high temperatures and induce heavy perspiration. Most saunas have...

What Are the Causes of an Overflowing Septic Tank?

Septic systems process household waste in areas without municipal sewer systems. They consist of a large holding tank and a nearby...

Reasons Why Kids Should Go to School

Close to 50 million children attended America's public schools in 2010. Five million more students occupied lockers in private sch...

What Are the Disadvantages of Going Green?

While green living is often touted as having numerous benefits for the Earth and its inhabitants, there are also certain disadvant...

Information and Facts About Paper Towels

The EcoConsumer Waste Calculator provided by King County, Wash., allows you to measure the environmental impact of your paper towe...
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