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Grooming Basics

How Long Do I Have to Wait to Change My Eyebrow Ring?

Eyebrow piercings are usually placed on the outside third of the brow. They are surface piercings, which means they go through a f...

How to Shape Your Eyebrows

For many people, the shape and contour of their eyebrows is the last thing they think about when grooming. The shape of your eyebr...

How to Tweeze Eyebrows Without Pain

Your eyebrows are the frame to your eyes and face. Creating the most pleasing shape and eradicating stray hairs can help this fram...

What Are the Benefits of Neem Toothpaste?

Neem (Azadirachta indica) is a tropical plant native to Asia. People in India and Africa have been using twigs of the neem tree as...

What Is Pumice Composed of?

Unless you have a background in geology, you may not know where pumice -- that abrasive little exfoliating nugget your pedicurist ...

Razor Bump Treatments for Men

Shaving bumps are caused by ingrown hairs, which occur when a hair grows back into the skin, causing a pimple-like sore that can g...

Wet Sauna Benefits

Wet saunas -- also known as steam saunas or steam rooms -- warm up a small, enclosed room with moist heat until the space reaches ...

Body Shaving Tips for Men

The 21st-century man has embraced the act of “manscaping” with open arms. In a 2012 poll by "Cosmopolitan," ...

The Best Rated Shavers

When you don't have time to break out a razor, get your skin wet and lather up, electric shavers save the day -- but just as manua...

How to Remove Hair From Forehead

Putting your best face forward is easier when your forehead is hairless. While hair on the face is fully acceptable for men, most ...
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