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Head Injuries

Sodium Depletion & Seizures After a Head Injury

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is a term used to describe physical damage to your brain which results in temporary or permanent i...

Children's Head Injury Symptoms

Children are at risk for head injury from playing sports, bicycle and recreational accidents and vehicular accidents. These injuri...

How Long Should You Keep an Infant Awake After a Head Injury?

The idea that you must keep a baby awake after a head injury to prevent a coma is actually an old wive's tale. However, keeping yo...

Head Injuries in Youth Football

Twenty-eight percent football players ages 5 to 14 get injured while playing in a football game, according to the National Center ...

Head Bumps on Children

Bumps to your child's head occur during the course of normal play and exploration, especially for youngsters who lack coordination...

Head Injury Symptoms in Adults

Each year millions of people suffer a head injury. Most of these injuries are not significant due to the bony structure of the hea...

Baseball Bat Head Injuries

If you are involved in baseball, the game itself may seem innocent and safe enough. However, if you are in the wrong place at the ...

What Are the Injuries When an Infant's Head Isn't Supported?

An infant is born with very weak neck muscle and little head control. He relies on parents to support this delicate area until he ...
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