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Health Insurance

What to Do If You Can't Get Health Insurance

The health insurance system works, until you find out that you can't afford it or you've been denied coverage. Insurance companies...

What Is a Fully Insured Health Plan?

A fully insured health insurance plan is what people may think of when they hear the word "insurance." The employer pays premiums ...

Definition of Medical Coinsurance

Choosing the right health care policy requires understanding how the premium, deductible, copays and coinsurance all affect the co...

The Average Cost of Health Insurance for Families

Family health insurance is a policy that helps cover the cost of medical treatment. It may be used to cover treatment for illnesse...

What Rights Do Uninsured Patients Have Regarding Payments?

Uninsured patients tend to pay more for medical services because they don't have access to the discounts medical providers grant t...

How to Rate Insurance Companies

When you're choosing an insurance company, you'll need to evaluate the features and costs of similar policies before you choose th...

What Is Medical Insurance Premium?

The many fees associated with medical insurance can be confusing. Premiums are the fees paid for medical coverage for a specific ...

Group Health Insurance With Pre-Existing Conditions

With health care costs continually rising, obtaining health insurance coverage is more important than ever. However, people with a...

How to Pay for Chemo Without Health Insurance

Cancer diagnoses can bring about a slew of expenses that patients and their families have never seen before. Chemotherapy is one o...

Top Reasons for Medical Insurance Being Declined

You might be startled and frustrated when you discover that the medical or health insurance plan you've been researching or the me...
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