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Kidney Failure

Types of Chronic Diseases

Chronic diseases exact a substantial toll on people who live with them and the community at large. The Centers for Disease Control...

Acute Renal Failure Due to Over Exercise

Acute renal failure is characterized as the sudden loss of kidney function. The American Urological Foundation explains that the k...

Alkaline Phosphatase and Renal Failure

At the end of 2009, more than 871,000 people in the United States were being treated for end-stage renal disease, according to inf...

6 Signs of Renal Failure

Renal failure, or kidney failure, happens when the kidneys are not able to filter waste from the body. This may be acute or chroni...

Stage 4 Renal Failure Signs

The National Kidney Foundation has established guidelines to group chronic renal failure into stages based on the severity of the ...

Kidney Failure Due to Cancer & Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy agents are designed to kill cancer cells but also affect normal cells in the body. Kidney damage results if enough ce...

Foods to Eat for Acute Renal Failure

Acute renal failure occurs when your kidneys suddenly lose the ability to clean waste products and other impurities from your bloo...

Types of Urinalysis

Urinalysis involves testing the urine of a patient. Doctors look at the properties of the urine such as color, clarity and pH. Th...

Renal Failure & Potassium

Renal failure results when the kidneys are inadequate in filtering metabolic wastes. Renal failure can result from low blood flow ...

Effects of Acute Renal Failure

Renal failure can be acute, with a sudden onset, or a chronic condition that progresses slowly over years. Over 250 million Americ...
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