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Kidney Infections

Herbal Treatment for UTI & Kidney Infections

Urinary tract infections, also known as UTIs, are a serious health condition that can lead to several health complications if left...

Kidney Infection Symptoms in Small Children

Prompt diagnosis of kidney infections in small children is important to prevent complications such as kidney scarring or the devel...

Kidney Infection Symptoms in Women

The kidneys are bean-shaped organs located in the lower back--on each side of the spine--that function to filter waste products fr...

Kidney Infection & Yogurt

A kidney infection occurs when bacteria enters the urinary tract and travels to the kidney. Kidney infections are painful and requ...

BUN Vs. Serum Creatinine: Which Is Better for Renal Insufficiency?

Normally, your kidneys screen impurities from your bloodstream. The result of this process is the removal of waste materials and e...

Flank Pain & Running

Your flank is the area of your side between the bottom of your ribs and the top of your hip. Your kidneys are found in this region...
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