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Kids and Discipline

How to Discipline a Screaming 2-Year-Old

Toddler meltdowns are frequent problem for the parents of a 2-year-old. Young children may become frustrated easily, but lack the ...

How to Discipline a Child Who Shows No Remorse

Dealing with a child who shows no remorse can be challenging, disturbing and even frightening, particularly if the child is your o...

Real Consequences for Children's Bad Behavior

Shaping your child's behavior is a difficult job, as you must walk a fine line between permitting your child to learn for herself ...

The Pros and Cons of Child Discipline

Parents discipline their children in an effort to teach them appropriate ways to behave. Their morals and values are also conveyed...

How to Raise Teen Boys

Raising teen boys can be challenging, frustrating and rewarding. Parents of teens have to balance between communicating with their...

How to Correct Rebellious Behavior in a Child

Rebellious behavior can drive a wedge in between your relationship with your child. You may think that a heavy, strict hand is the...

How to Discipline a Child for Bad Language

As much as you want to protect your child, your shield can only reach so far. He will inevitably hear bad language, whether from h...

Physical Discipline Vs. Verbal Discipline for Children

Discipline is a means by which children learn standards of acceptable behavior and repercussions, which they can apply toward grea...

Discipline Techniques for a Ten-Year-Old

At 10 years old, your child is maturing into a pre-teen and no longer needs to rely on your judgment alone. Children who are enter...

How to Discipline Your Three-Year-Old

The "terrible twos" have a bad reputation, but some parents find three to be just as difficult when it comes to behavior...
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