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Kids Eye Disorders

Goopy Eyes in Children

Your child may have drainage from the eyes that causes matter to build up in the corners or along the eyelashes. She may have othe...

Types of Eye Abnormalities

Humans rely heavily on sight to accomplish nearly every activity of daily living. Eye abnormalities that cause mild to severe visi...

Abnormal Eye and Head Movements in Children

Young children and infants can't tell parents about vision problems and, in most cases, when a child has an eye problem from birth...

Children's Hip Problems

The hip is one of the body’s largest joints and is crucial for weight-bearing. Hip problems can cause discomfort and an unev...

Eye Symptoms of Neurological Problems in Children

Neurological problems in children often cause eye problems if the nerves that lead to the eyes or the part of the brain that contr...

Eye Squint in Children

Your child’s eyes work with light and his brain to provide him with vision. Although his vision starts out fuzzy at birth, i...

Involuntary Eye Movement in Children

Involuntary eye movement, a condition called nystagmus, causes the eyes to move in uncontrollable patterns. The eyes may move vert...

Visual Perception Problems in Children

Visual perception is defined as the ability of the eye to take in information and interpret it. It is not just seeing, but transla...

Disconjugate Eye Movement in Children

Disconjugate eye movements in children are a type of ocular deviation, or abnormal eye movement. The eyes of a child with disconju...

Gastrointestinal Problems in Children

Gastrointestinal or GI problems are among the most common medical conditions in children. According to the International Foundatio...
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