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Kids and Money

How to Teach Bowling to Kids

Bowling is an activity that can keep the family entertained, especially on a rainy day or when winter nights chill the air. In add...

How to Teach Ballet to Kids

Teaching ballet to kids requires different techniques for different ages. Younger children, ages three to five, respond well to st...

Easy Ways to Teach Children to Count Money

Children may not quite understand the concept of money in terms of cost and what constitutes a good value, but most kids like mone...

A Chore List for Kids' Allowance

As your children mature, it's smart for you to begin teaching concepts such as responsibility, earning wages for work done, an...

Coming Up With a Pay Scale for Your Kids' Chores

No matter how you decide to handle your child's allowance, deciding on the amount takes some thought. A system of paying her for c...

The Best Ways to Save Money for Children

Saving for your kid’s future is essential so you don’t have to worry later on. If you save now, when your child is sti...

How to Teach Kids Times Tables

Teaching the times tables, or multiplication tables, seems like a tough challenge because the task often overwhelms children. Whil...

Ways to Teach Foster Kids Not to Steal

According to the Family Management website, it is the parents' responsibility to "...actively teach their children about ...

Why Does My 10-Year-Old Kid Steal Money From Me and What Should I Do?

Many 10-year-olds steal money from their parents so their behavior is not necessarily a reflection on your skills as a parent. Rea...

Chore List for a Five Year Old

Giving your 5-year-old chores accomplishes at least two important goals: First, he learns responsibility and gains self-confidence...
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