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Kids and Safety

Kerosene Heaters & Safety for Kids

Think twice about using a kerosene heater if you have small children. For several reasons, space heaters and kids can be a dangero...

Are Laser Beams Safe for Kids?

Kids will be kids: Put a laser pointer in their hand for making a class presentation and odds are good that intense light will be ...

Miami Summer Camps for Kids

In Miami, nestled along the Atlantic coast in Florida, parents can keep their kids happy and busy during the summer by signing the...

Is Sorbitol Dangerous for Children?

Sorbitol is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol, slightly less sweet and less caloric than regular sugar. It occurs naturally in p...

How to Sell Used Kids Toys

Unless you live in a mansion and have tons of space, chances are you won’t be able to keep every toy your child ever owned. ...

Are Suckers Dangerous for Toddlers?

Suckers, also known as lollipops, seem so innocent. And from the bank to the restaurant and even the doctor's office, many busines...

Safety Measures for Children Just Learning How to Walk at Home

Once your baby moves into the toddling stage, life becomes challenging and exciting. As your baby learns walking skills, institute...

Safe Headphones for Kids

Many children, even early elementary school children, have some sort of headphone that they use regularly to listen to music. Head...

Are PVC Floors Safe for Babies?

Babyproofing your home is important for keeping your baby safe once she begins to crawl and scoot around. You know to keep small a...

Rules for Kids When Cooking

For young kids, cooking can be a lot of fun. For parents, it can be a headache as they worry about all the dangers in the kitchen....
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