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Kids Sports and Fitness

Coordination Exercises for Kids

A child's physical coordination will ultimately have a bearing on his skill level in sports, academic performance and even attitudes about school and education, found a report by Lori A. Smith, president of the Illinois Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance. That's why it is important for kids to have structured games and activities throughout the day that present coordination exercises. With your help, your child can work on developing coordination skills that can help him throughout his life.

Western Themed Games for Kids

Cowboys and miners and horses, oh my! When it comes time to throw a party for your little cowboy or cowgirl, a Wild West party is just the thing to thrill, delight and entertain. Once you've got the invitations and grub handled, western-themed games will keep the young crowd entertained while adding authenticity to the atmosphere to really immerse the kids in a full-bodied western experience. The fun of a romp through the Old West will have your child and his friends hollering, "Yee-haw!" as they giddy up through an unforgettable party experience.

How to Motivate Kids to Exercise

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 16 percent of kids and teens are overweight in the United States. Being active and exercising leads to stronger bodies, a healthier appearance and less of a chance of developing illnesses like type 2 diabetes. One of the best ways to curb obesity and help kids lead a healthier lifestyle is to promote exercise in their daily lives. With the daily stresses of school, peers and family life, most kids are full of excuses not to be active. Take charge of children’s lives by introducing them to motivating ways to help them help themselves.

Pros & Cons of Children in Sports

Health care providers place a growing emphasis on physical fitness for kids. One way for children to stay healthy is to play sports. In addition to providing physical activity, sports also help children develop social skills and practice teamwork. However, tough competition and pressure to fit too much into an already packed schedule are reasons for kids to shy away from sports. It is important to review the pros and cons of sports for kids before deciding if signing your child up is the right choice.

Outside Games for Kindergarten Children to Play

Outside games give kindergartners opportunities for healthy exercise, stimulating sensory experiences and imaginative play -- an important part of kids' cognitive skill-building. The next time the kids could use a way to burn some energy or cure a case of boredom, head outside for hours of effortless fun.

Fun Games for 10-Year-Olds

Party games for 10 year olds can provide substitutes for spending hours on the Internet and in front of the television. By using a little creativity and purchasing a few inexpensive items, you can provide entertaining party games of all varieties to keep your 10 year old and his friends engaged and physically active for hours at a time.

Outside Games for 6-8 Year Olds

The job of every kid is to play. Playing games, especially physical ones, ensures that your 6- to 8-year-old builds muscles and strong bones, maintains a healthy weight and benefits from social interaction. Sixty minutes of moderate to brisk activity every day is a necessary part of your child’s healthy development, according to a 2005 study reviewing the side effects of physical activity on health led by William B. Strong, M.D., et al., appearing in the “Journal of Pediatrics.” A good way to get that exercise is through outside games.

Kids Sports Programs in Macon, Georgia

Participating in sports can be a rewarding experience for your kids. Studies show that children who play sports have finer social skills, have improved academic performance and are less likely to participate in harmful activities, such as smoking, underage drinking and drugs. In Macon, situated along the Ocmulgee River in central Georgia, you'll find a broad range of sports programs for you and your kids to choose from.

Premature Tooth Loss in Children

Most people are born with two sets of teeth; the primary, or baby, teeth begin to erupt from your baby's gums at an average age of six months, according to the American Dental Association, though the actual age of eruption varies widely. As your child grows and develops, he will lose his baby teeth and new, permanent teeth will take their place. Permanent teeth are not supposed to shed, but at times they do for various reasons. Premature tooth loss in children should be treated immediately to avoid future dental health issues.

Games for Blind Children Requing Physical Activity

Games for Blind Children Requing Physical Activity . Kids who are blind need just as much daily physical activity as their sighted friends, which is why it’s important to be adaptive with the types of games they can play. Some of the most classic sports games and activities such as basketball or baseball, need a little tweaking to make them accessible for kids who are blind.
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