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Liver Disease Information

Cholestatic Liver Disease Symptoms

Cholestatic liver disease is a condition that causes an obstruction of bile flow. Liver cells produce bile, which passes through a...

A Liver Problem in Pregnancy

Abnormal liver function blood tests occur in 3 to 5 percent of pregnant women, gastroenterologist J. Eileen Hay of the Mayo Clini...

Early Stages of Liver Disease

Liver disease can result from many different causes, including alcohol abuse, hepatitis C virus infection, diabetes or obesity. Th...

Itchy Skin & Liver Problems

Itchy skin, or pruritus, can occur with a wide variety of medical conditions and can be very distressing. Liver diseases with bile...

Complications of End Stage Liver Disease

End stage liver disease, also called cirrhosis, causes fibrosis, or scarring of liver tissue that destroys the liver's ability...

Atkins Diet and Liver Problems

While it is undetermined whether or not the Atkins Diet can actually cause liver problems, replacing carbohydrates with protein, a...

Infant Liver Problems

The liver is an organ with many functions. It helps detoxify the blood, control infection, regulate blood clotting and produce bil...

Things That Damage Your Liver

The liver is the organ responsible for removing toxins from the blood, storing energy, breaking down fat, producing cholesterol an...

Effects of Vitamins on Liver Disease

Liver disease is a common and preventable condition affecting the liver in various ways. Sometimes, there are no signs and symptom...

Detoxifiers for High Ammonia Levels Due to Liver Diseases

A diseased liver cannot detoxify protein metabolites, such as ammonia, leading to increased levels in the blood. Liver damage prev...
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