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Maintaining Friendships

Why You and Your Best Friend Really Are of One Mind

New research shows that you may be sharing something way cooler than a friendship necklace with your bestie — your memory bank. ...

How to Tell If Someone Is Really Your Friend

A recent study contributes to a growing body of literature that says only about half of all our friendships are mutual. ...

This Is Why Reading Harry Potter Makes You a Better Person

According to a new study, reading Harry Potter might actually make you a better person and point to increased understanding toward...

12 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Your partner may be the light of your life, but that doesn't necessarily mean your relationship is healthy. Understanding what con...

Characteristics of a Narcissistic Person

A healthy sense of vanity means you appreciate it when someone recognizes the hard work you've put into your appearances, your...

Emotional Barriers to Effective Communication

Whether you want to run a successful business or maintain close ties to friends, family and love interests, effective communicatio...

How to Mend a Broken Friendship

Gone are the days when you and your best friend shared everything from your deepest secrets to your favorite clothes. Whether you&...

9 Signs You Should Reconsider a Friendship

Your friendships impact a lot more than your happy hours and weekend plans. They affect your health, happiness and general well-being. And the research proves it. In a 10-year Australian study published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health in 2005, older people with strong social networks lived longer than those without these ties. A 2000 study by UCLA researchers found that women’s social circles help them respond better to stress. And a study published in the American Journal of Public Health in 2008 revealed that social connections may help delay memory loss in the elderly. But as important as they are, friendships can also be a source of stress and conflict. Sometimes they just fizzle out. If you have a relationship you’re on the fence about, keep reading to determine if it’s time to call it quits.

10 Things You Should NEVER Say to People Without Kids

10 Things You Should NEVER Say to People Without Kids. Typically, people with children love extolling the value of their decision to have kids. They talk about the joys of parenting — despite the sleepless nights and squabbles between siblings — and excitedly inquire of others when they might join the mom-and-dad club. But not everyone wants to be — or can be, for that matter — a parent. Whether someone is childless by choice, wants kids in the distant future or is struggling with infertility, your well-intentioned comments on his or her lifestyle can come off as rude and even extremely hurtful. Here are 10 things you should think twice about saying to anyone without children.

Ten Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Humans are naturally social creatures, craving connections with people, including intimacy and love. Whether you’re searchin...
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