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Making Friends

How to Find Old Friends From Elementary School

Tracking down old school friends is not only a great way to widen your social circle, but it can give you an opportunity to redisc...

Singles Activities in Spokane

Spokane, Washington’s second largest city with a population of over 200,000, offers ample opportunities to meet new and inte...

How to Make Friends Happy

To make your friends happy, you need to be a good friend to them. It requires giving others your time, compassion, patience and en...

How to Help Your Teen Make Friends

Friendship with peers offers your teenager more than companionship and entertainment. Kids Health notes that having friends enable...

How to Determine Who Your True Friends Are

"My friends are my estate," wrote Emily Dickinson. Though many people filter in and out of your life, it's the ones who ...

How to Make Friends With the Opposite Sex

Making and keeping friends of the opposite sex has been the topic for romantic comedies since "When Harry Met Sally." U...

How to Make Friends at 40

For years, sociologists have noticed an interesting trend: people build plenty of friendships in their 20s, but find it difficult ...

How to Make it Up to a Friend After Being Mean

"Friendships are wonderful and life affirming. If we're lucky, each one provides us with new wisdom so they get better an...

Journal Writing as Therapy

Writing in a journal is therapeutic. The act of writing gives you time to sort through thoughts and take time to focus on capturin...

Friendship Games for Girls

Friendship games help bring together girls from different backgrounds and cliques. Generally starting in elementary school, girls ...
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