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Marriage and What to Expect

What Is the Purpose of a Marriage License?

In the United States, every state requires a couple to obtain a marriage license, also called a marriage certificate, in order to ...

A List of Things to Change Your Name on After Marriage

Changing a name after marriage is a common practice. The University of Florida reports that 77 percent of married women between th...

Statute of Limitations for Annulment of Marriage in South Carolina

A court decree annulling a marriage means that the marriage never existed. In South Carolina, the legal requirements to obtain a m...

How to Avoid Yelling When You Get in an Argument With Your Husband

All couples disagree occasionally. When you are in the midst of a disagreement with your husband, the temptation to raise your voi...

Male and Female Communication Styles

The differences in male and female communication styles can result in misunderstandings, upset and cross-purposes that annoy men a...

How to Read Vernier Calipers to a Thousandth of an Inch

Vernier calipers are calipers that contain a second sliding scale, called a Vernier scale. The scale is named after its inventor, ...

How to Plan a Romantic Evening With Your Husband

You don't have to wait for a special occasion to spend a romantic evening with your husband. In fact, a "just because&quo...

Day-to-Day Ideas to Be a Good Husband

William Shakespeare's contemporary, linguist John Florio, once said that "a good husband makes a good wife." When you ma...

Signs Your Husband Is a Sociopath

When two people get married, they make vows to love each other for better or for worse, but what about when "worse" beco...

4 Reasons You Don't Have The Body You Want

Your diet is clean. You have a pantry full of supplements and haven't missed a training session in six months. Yet you still don't...
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