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Natural Cleaning

Antiseptic Vs. Disinfectant

Antiseptics and disinfectants are the basic tools of cleaning and sanitizing, yet the difference between the two substances is unc...

Pure Castile Soap Uses

As you live an environmentally conscious lifestyle, products free of harmful chemicals become more important. As a parent, protect...

The Best Organic Facial Products

Not every product claiming to be all natural is organic, and not every product claiming to be organic is organic. The term organic...

What Ingredients Are in Detergent?

Detergents do not contain just a single chemical compound; they are complex mixtures of ingredients, each of which serves a partic...

List of Biodegradable, Every Day Products

Biodegradable products or materials are naturally broken down by biological agents, such as bacteria and fungi, into raw materials...

The Best Way to Clean Out Your Body Naturally

Detox diet programs are becoming increasingly popular as people try to gain some control over an increasingly toxic world. While m...

Uses of Citric Acid

Citric acid is a naturally occurring acid found primarily in several varieties of fruits and vegetables, with citrus fruits such a...

How to Use Dr. Bronner's Soap

Dr. Bronner's "Magic All-One!" soap bottle claims it has 18 different uses; however, the company's website claims there ...

Nature's Sunshine Vs. Life Force Products

Natural supplement companies provide you with vitamins and minerals in a variety of forms. Both Life Force and Nature's Sunshine m...

How to Clean Lungs Naturally

Your lungs are a vital part of your respiratory system, which is in charge of breathing. Their function is to bring in oxygen so i...
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