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Natural Family Planning

How Effective Is Pull Out Method for Birth Control?

For many years, the joke went, that there's a name for people who use the pull-out method of birth control, also called coitus int...

Chemical Contraceptive Methods

Some contraceptives involve the use of hormones, while others offer a non-chemical barrier or intrauterine protection. Speak to yo...

Alternative Methods for Natural Skin Whitening

Darkened or discolored patches of skin, sometimes called age spots or liver spots, are the result of exposure to the sun. The Mayo...

Birth Control Calendar Method

Tracking your menstrual cycles and calculating when you are fertile can lead to a form of birth control known as the calendar meth...

Natural & Artificial Family Planning

Natural and artificial family planning are two ways of controlling your family size. Some couples use no birth control method and ...

Adoption Vs. Having Your Own Kids

Making the decision to start a family is a huge one, and proper planning is essential. For many people, the planning process can b...
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