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Newborn Care

The Temperature of Newborn Babies

A baby's temperature while in the womb remains constant at about the same body temperature as the mother's, which is about 99.86 d...

Causes of Breathing Problems in a Newborn

A baby who is struggling for breath shortly after birth may present with persistent blue color around the mouth and nose, flaring ...

Dos & Don'ts for Newborn Babies

Your newborn baby is vulnerable and dependent on you for appropriate care. Following fundamental safety guidelines established by ...

Causes of a Yellow Discharge Coming Out of Your Newborn's Eye

Newborns may have eye conditions appear shortly after birth. A common symptom, yellow discharge, may appear after a few days or we...

Normal Grieving for a Stillborn Baby

Parents who experience a stillborn baby are beseiged with initial reactions to grief--disbelief, shock, guilt, anger, self-recrimi...

Can Newborn Babies Swim?

You may have seen videos of very young babies moving under water or heard that newborns have an innate swimming ability due to flo...

Diarrhea in Newborn Babies

When a newborn has diarrhea, his bowel movements will be looser and more frequent than normal. Whether or not he shows signs of be...

Causes of Diastasis Recti

A separation of the right and the left sides of the rectus abdominis muscles is a condition known as diastasis recti. According to...

Is It Normal for a Baby to Move Mostly at Night When You Are Pregnant?

Every baby is different, both before and after he is born, according to the American Pregnancy Association. By the seventh or eigh...

Warning Signs for Newborns

Birth is a stressful event for a newborn. Newborns must make many physiologic adaptations immediately after birth, and any number ...
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