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Newborns and What to Expect

Abnormal Behavior in Newborns

It's often difficult for novice parents to accurately judge whether their newborn baby's behavior falls within the range of normal...

Causes of Hypoglycemia in a Newborn

Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar levels, is not uncommon in newborns, affecting 2 out of 1,000 babies, the Medical University of S...

Newborn Necessities Checklist

Parents spend nine months preparing to bring their newborn home. They consider everything from names to the color of the nursery w...

How to Find a Caregiver for a Newborn in Maryland

At some point in your life as a new parent, you will probably need to find a caregiver for your newborn, and the idea of searching...

My Newborn Will Not Stop Crying at Night

A newborn crying throughout the night is alarming, exhausting and frustrating for parents. Most babies will stop crying if you co...

When to Give a Newborn a Pacifier?

Trying to calm a fussy newborn is one of a new parent's greatest challenges. You may feed your baby, burp her, change her diaper a...

Bathing a Newborn During Winter

Keeping your newborn safe, warm and comfortable will be some of your most pressing concerns as you care for your new baby. A newbo...

Are Overhead Shield Car Seats Safe for an Infant?

Choosing the best car seat from the rows and rows of seats at the baby store can be a daunting task for new parents. So if a relat...

How to Protect Soft Spots in Newborns

Your newborn's soft spot, or fontanelle, is on the top front of his head and is created by the juncture of four different skull bo...

Visual & Auditory Development in an Infant

Newborns see the world in black and white during the first month of life, and they can see only 12 inches or less in front of them...
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