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Nutrition For Kids

Quick Vegetarian Meals for Kids

Vegetarian meals for kids can be healthy, nutritious, delicious, and quick and easy to prepare. According to a 2009 American Diete...

High Urine Protein in Children

Your kidneys filter out waste products, excess fluids and salts from your blood and deposit them into your urine so they can be re...

High Calcium in Children

Children need calcium to build bone tissue, but too much calcium can be harmful. Excess blood calcium, or hypercalcemia, causes th...

The Best Juice Choices for Kids

When you walk down the grocery aisles, you see dozens of juice choices geared toward children, but not all of them are healthy cho...

How Poor Nutrition Affects Child Development

Nutrition dictates more than a person's body mass index. The nutrition a child receives during the first few years of life can aff...

Why Is Nutrition Education Important for School Age Children?

The only nutrition education some kids get is what is taught at school. Young children can learn the difference between nutritious...

Lunch Box Ideas for Preschoolers

When your child begins preschool, you might have to pack her lunch each day. The foods that come in single-serving sizes at the gr...

What Is C-Reactive Protein in Children?

C-reactive protein or CRP is a protein produced by the liver that can be measured in a child's blood. Levels of CRP rise when ...

Is Sucralose Safe for Children?

Although sucralose, also known as Splenda, is a calorie-free way to sweeten food and drinks and generally recognized as safe, it&#...

How Much Omega-3 Should Children Get in a Day?

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential fats children require on a daily basis for proper development. A variety of healthy foods are ri...
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