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Olympic Games

Sports & Games in Ancient Greece

Competitive sports and games were a vital element in the many festivals that took place in ancient Greece. From the Olympic Games ...

Types of Jumping Olympics

Jumping is integral to many Summer Olympic sports. There are no Winter Olympic sporting events that require an athlete to jump sin...

The 25 Best Summer Olympic Moments

What makes you watch the Olympic Games? For some, it’s the chance to watch gifted athletes perform in the sports they love. ...

The Top 20 Moments At The London 2012 Olympics

Well another edition of the Olympic Games are in the books, and this year’s competition left us with plenty of unforgettable...

The 25 Best Moments of the Winter Games 2014

As the 2014 Winter Olympic Games drew to a close, there was no shortage of memorable moments to take away. Whether it was 18-year-...

Official Specifications for Olympic Weightlifting Bar

One of the events at the first modern Olympic Games in 1896, Olympic weightlifting now requires competitors to perform two lifts: ...

What Are the Dimensions of the Olympic Weight Plates?

Olympic weight plates are one of two types of weight plates. The other type is standard weights. Olympic weights are used in the s...

Cheers and Tears: Olympic Winter Games Week II

The first full week of the Olympic Winter Games brought participants the usual thrills of victory, agonies of defeat and joys of m...

Regular Barbells Vs. Olympic Barbells

Barbells are long, straight, metal bars that you use as resistance for strength-training exercises. They are available in two type...

What Do the Male Olympic Swimmers Wear?

In Olympic swimming, gold medalists can win by fractions of a second. Swimmers depend on their own fitness and technique to beat o...
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