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Other Eye Disorders

What Causes A Droopy Eye?

When an eyelid droops, it creates more than just a cosmetic asymmetry of the face. A droopy lid, called ptosis, interferes with a ...

Can You Apply Vitamin C Serum on Your Eyes?

You know vitamin C is good for your health and you might already be using this powerful antioxidant in a serum on your face. Topic...

Caffeine Gel for Under the Eyes

A cup of joe may be your morning wakeup call, but the caffeine in that coffee can also give a lift to your eyes. Under-eye creams ...

B12 and Ptosis of Eye

Ptosis is a condition of the eyelids often referred to as a “droopy eyelid.” The muscles of the upper lid cannot pull ...

Proper Way to Apply Eye Cream

Thin skin around the eyes is dryer and more prone to losing moisture compared to any other surface on the body. Eyes move with rep...

How to Apply Fake Eyelashes So Eyes Look Wide Opened

Big, wide eyes can make you look younger and sexier. A thick fringe of long eyelashes is a main factor in creating that doe-eyed, ...

Waterproof Eye Pencil vs. Regular Eye Pencil

One of the most useful makeup must-haves is eyeliner. It brings definition to the eyes when worn alone, and makes the lashes look ...

Peptide Serum Remedy For the Eyes

Remembering high school chemistry can help translate the words on the labels for eye serums promising to banish crow's feet, fine ...

Light-Sensitive Eye Disorders

Light eye sensitivity, also known as photophobia, is a condition in which the eyes become extremely uncomfortable to the presence ...

Strange Sensations in the Left Arm After Taking B12

Most people get more than enough vitamin B-12 in their diets. It’s found in animal-derived foods, such as milk, yogurt, chee...
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