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Other Infections

What Are the Treatments for Ascaris Lumbricoides?

Ascaris lumbricoides is a parasitic roundworm, or nematode, that can infect the small bowel. Ascariasis is the most common human w...

Antibiotics for Haemophilus Influenzae

Surveillance data collected by the World Health Organization implicate Haemophilus influenzae as a major cause of death and disabi...

How Does a Virus Infect a Cell?

A virus can infect any animal, insect, plant or even bacteria, according to LiveScience.com, a website updated on the latest virus...

Symptoms of Human Herpesvirus 6

In 1986, the song “Stuck with You” soared on the charts. That same year, scientists discovered a new virus that is, in...

Worst Foods to Eat if You Have Herpes

The herpes simplex virus is incurable -- once you’re infected, it stays with you for life. That may be a downer, but many pe...

A List of Symptoms of Black Death

The Black Death is commonly known as the plague. It has three forms: bubonic plague, pneumonic plague and septicemic plague. The p...

Hot Tub Illnesses

It can be relaxing and therapeutic to soak in a hot tub, but users should be aware of hot tub dangers. Recreational water illness...

Adult Rotavirus Symptoms

Rotavirus is a common cause of infectious diarrhea worldwide. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports most people i...

Hepatitis B Signs & Symptoms

The Impressionist painter Edgar Degas once declared yellow to be a "horrible" color, and those afflicted with jaundice f...

What Are the Treatments for Haemophilus Influenzae Pneumonia?

Haemophilus influenza bacteria, referred to as H. flu, is a misnomer because it does not cause the flu. It does, however, cause ba...
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