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Other Life Skills

Practice Typing Exercises

If you’re tired of hunting and pecking on the keyboard, it’s probably time to practice your typing skills. Whe...

9 Things Only Type A People Will Understand

“He’s so Type A!” It’s something that we’ve all heard used to describe someone that is hardworking, ...

List of People Skills

People skills are the social techniques you use to develop relationships, communicate with others, negotiate compromises and under...

What Is the Difference Between Western Pleasure & Trail Riding?

Humans and horses were first linked thousands of years ago through working relationships and kindred companionship. Several types ...

How to Put on Hakama Pants

Hakama, a pleated lower garment tied at the waist, is a key component in traditional Japanese dress for both men and women. Althou...

Where to Find Vintage Windup Watches

Mechanical windup watches are highly sought after and knowing where to look when purchasing a timepiece ensures that you get the b...

Swimming & Life Saving Skills

Despite the fact that an American Red Cross survey found 50 percent of those asked had experienced a drowning scare, almost two-th...

9 Things Only Type B People Will Understand

Type Bs might not get as much spotlight as Type As, but that’s kind of the point, right? In the 1950s, two cardiologists dev...

How to Clean Heavily Oiled Calfskin Shoes

Heavily oiled calfskin footwear requires cleaning and reoiling to restore its natural moisture resistance and luster. Oiled shoes ...

How to Fix the Toe of a Shoe With a Rubber Sole

A well-worn pair of rubber-soled shoes, no matter how durable when new, can start to break down over time. A common problem for sh...
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