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Panic Attacks

Ways to Relieve Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety attacks can be frightening, and some people experience them frequently as the result of a panic disorder. While relief may...

Foods That Help Panic Attacks

A panic attack is an episode of intense fear that comes on suddenly, often for no apparent reason. In addition to emotional sympto...

Causes of Panic Attacks While Sleeping

A panic attack is the sudden onset of great fear that produces a bodily response. Common panic responses include sweating, shaking...

Areas of the Brain Affected by Panic Disorder

The sudden and repeated intrusion of fearful and in the most severe cases, terrorizing feelings experienced by a person when prese...

How to Prevent Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety attacks are a debilitating disorder that affects several million people on a daily basis. In an anxiety attack, the body's...

Low Iodine Levels & Panic Attacks

Iodine is a mineral used by the human body to produce thyroid hormones and so plays a major role in oxygen consumption and normal ...

What Are the Causes of Night Panic Attacks in Women?

Panic attacks are recognized by the medical community as a physical condition that requires treatment, according to the Mayo Clini...

Inositol for Panic Attacks

Panic disorder is a real illness. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 6 million American adults ar...

Medications That Control Depression & Panic Attacks

Depression is a mood disorder characterized by such symptoms as feeling sad, loss of pleasure, changes in sleep, low energy, chang...

Foods to Avoid If You Have OCD or Panic Attacks

Panic disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder, or OCD, are types of anxiety disorders. These conditions may cause panic attacks...
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