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Pet Allergies

Signs an Infant Has a Dog Allergy

Kids love pets, so parents may not realize that their infants have dog allergies until they have already adopted and bonded with a...

Cat Allergies, Hives, Itchy Skin, and Asthma

Cats are beloved family members of millions of Americans. Unfortunately, these pets are also allergen factories for as many as 25 ...

The Best Dog Breeds For Running

If you want a workout partner who’s in great shape, has lots of energy, and is always in a good mood, look no further than y...

About Hives and Other Allergy Symptoms Caused by Cat Dander

Cats shed skin flakes and deposit them in their fur when they groom. This is dander. Allergy-causing proteins in the dander can pr...

Allegra for Pet Allergies

Up to 30 percent of people with allergies are allergic to cats or dogs, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America....
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