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Potty Training

At What Age Should Children Be Separated in a Room?

In families with multiple children, it is often necessary for siblings to share rooms. Children who are close in age can do this r...

Difficulties in Potty Training Boys

Potty training boys can pose more of a challenge to parents and caretakers. The National Network for Child Care indicates that fem...

How to Potty Train a Boy in Three Days

You can train your toddler how to use his potty chair in three days. However, while he can grasp the basics in three days, this do...

How Long Should Potty Training Take Once a Child Is Ready?

Learning to use the toilet is a very individualized process -- some tots are ready at age 2 while others drag their feet until age...

How to Toilet Train a Toddler With Irritable Bowels

Your toddler may be excited to begin the process of toilet training, although he's suffering from occasional stomach cramps, const...

How to Potty Train a 20-Month-Old

Children often begin to exhibit signs that they are ready to undertake the process of potty training somewhere between 18 to 24 mo...

How to Clean a Toilet Used for Potty Training

You may be nearly done changing dirty diapers, but your days of handling your baby's bodily functions aren't over quite yet. Besid...

How to Potty Train a 4-Year-Old With Sensory Issues

By age 4, many kids are ready to get out of diapers and on to the potty, but 4-year-old children with sensory issues have unique c...

Potty Training Boys at Night

Long after your child is in "big boy" training pants or underwear, he may still wet the bed at night. Bed-wetting, also ...

How to Potty Train With a Withholding Problem

Stool withholding is a common problem that develops during toilet training. Children can hold bowel movements more easily than the...
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