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Potty Training

Potty Training Boys at Night

Long after your child is in "big boy" training pants or underwear, he may still wet the bed at night. Bed-wetting, also ...

How to Potty Train a 4-Year-Old With Sensory Issues

By age 4, many kids are ready to get out of diapers and on to the potty, but 4-year-old children with sensory issues have unique c...

How to Potty Train a 20-Month-Old

Children often begin to exhibit signs that they are ready to undertake the process of potty training somewhere between 18 to 24 mo...

How to Potty Train With a Withholding Problem

Stool withholding is a common problem that develops during toilet training. Children can hold bowel movements more easily than the...

How to Clean a Toilet Used for Potty Training

You may be nearly done changing dirty diapers, but your days of handling your baby's bodily functions aren't over quite yet. Besid...

Ideas for Making a Potty Training Chart

For many parents, potty training a child is a challenge. Most children are not ready to be potty trained until they are at least 2...

Environmental Factors that Influence Social Development in Children

Parents often believe that their children's social skills are a fundamental part of who they are. Some children are shy while othe...

Three Prosocial Behaviors You Would Want to Teach Young Children

Prosocial behaviors refer to acts done to benefit others for reasons other than personal gain. Children show these when sharing with others, cooperating, taking turns or being there for a friend in need. Selflessly helping others is typically a learned behavior. Parents who demonstrate prosocial behaviors lead by example. Children may learn about helping others through religious or other group studies. Schools provide a community environment that is ideal for encouraging and modeling prosocial behaviors.

How to Potty Train a 15-Month-Old

No parent or expert will deny the fact that potty training is difficult and requires patience and flexibility. Dr. Alan Greene exp...

The Best Potty Chairs for Boys

The toilet can be a scary thing for little kids, with its intimidating size and its ability to flush away objects that are never s...
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