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Pregnancy Tests

Accuracy of the E.P.T. Pregnancy Test

Many women turn to the e.p.t. Pregnancy test to find out if they are pregnant because this brand is so widely available in drugsto...

Hospital Pregnancy Test Results

A hospital pregnancy test works by detecting human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in either blood or urine. HCG is a hormone produce...

How to Read Clearblue Pregnancy Tests

The Clearblue Easy +/- Results Pregnancy Test with Color Change Tip and the Clearblue Easy Digital Pregnancy Test both have fast, ...

The Medical Conditions That Cause a False Positive in Pregnancy Results

Positive pregnancy tests don’t always indicate that conception has occurred. In some instances, false positives occur comple...

Accuracy of a Flu Test

Rapid flu tests, otherwise known as influenza rapid antigen tests, offer a quick way to see if your body is harboring a particular...

How to Realize Whether or Not You Are Pregnant

In the first few days or weeks after conception, before most tests can detect the hormonal changes brought on by pregnancy, your b...

Supplements That Cause False Blood Testing

Laboratories perform tests on blood samples and measure the results against accepted ranges. Results are used to diagnose illness,...

Medications That Will Affect HGC Testing for Pregnancy

Whether a woman has missed her menstrual period or simply “feels pregnant,” home pregnancy tests offer the convenience...

How to Know If a Girl's Pregnant

Determining whether a girl is pregnant can be difficult, particularly if the girl is young or not yet regular in her menstrual cyc...

How to Read EPT Pregnancy Test Results

Think you may be pregnant? A home pregnancy test such as an EPT test is an easy way to detect the presence of pregnancy hormones i...
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