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Nutritional Supplements for People Undergoing Radiation Therapy for Cancer

Radiation therapy is a commonly-used therapy in cancer treatment. The National Cancer Institute states that radiation therapy invo...

Herbs to Help the Effects of Radiation

Traditionally herbs were used in folk medicine for their healing properties. More recently, they have fallen into the category of ...

The Effects of Radiation Therapy on Lumbar Nerves

Your nervous system is a complex web of major and minor nerves transmitting information to and from your brain. This network of ne...

Advantages & Disadvantages of Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is one of the many therapies available as of 2011 to battle cancer. Radiation therapy uses high-energy doses of ...

Abdominal Adhesions from Radiation Therapy

Nearly half of all cancer patients will receive radiation therapy as part of their treatment, according to the National Cancer Ins...

Long-Term Effects of Chemotherapy & Radiation

Chemotherapy is the delivery of drugs to treat disease, most commonly cancer, and radiation therapy is the use of high energy ioni...

Radiation Fatigue Exercise

Powerful cancer treatments like radiation can produce a number of unwanted side effects such as fatigue. Unlike being tired after ...

Vitamin Supplements That Help With Side Effects of Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is used in the treatment of cancer to kill cancerous cells. The American Cancer Society notes that radiation was...

Effects of Radiation on the Lungs

Radiation therapy for lung cancer, breast cancer and other types of cancer that may involve the chest can impact the lungs. The da...

Gamma Radiation Effects

Gamma radiation is a form of nuclear radiation produced by certain radioactive elements as they decay. In particular, gamma radiat...
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