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Resolving Conflicts with Friends

How to Restore a Broken Friendship

Rules may be made to be broken, but not when it comes to friendships. The rules of friendship, if broken, can destroy trust and te...

How to Overcome Jealousy Within Friendships

Friends are friends forever -- or until one of them becomes more successful than the other. People are sometimes drawn to each oth...

How to Win Your Best Friend Back

You haven’t spoken to your best friend in months. Maybe you got a new boyfriend she didn’t like, or maybe you found se...

How to Get Over a Broken Friendship

For many people, friends are more like family: they're there through all of life's ups and downs. This can make losing a close fri...

How to Reconcile a Broken Friendship

Recovering a broken friendship not only helps to heal your hurt, but it can also improve your quality of life. A study conducted b...

Effective Strategies for Defusing Aggressive Behavior

When faced with an aggressive person, your instinct may be to turn and run, but unfortunately that's not always the right thing to...

How Introverts Handle Conflict

Handling conflict is an important aspect of maintaining and developing relationships. Understanding how introverts handle conflict...

How to Know If You Should Fix a Broken Friendship

Friendships are crucial for a happy, fulfilled life. Friends provide support, love and an emotional connection that may be lacking...

How to Stop Being Bullied

Schoolyard bullies might not follow you throughout life, but the effects of their actions can be long-lasting. Victims of bullying...

5 Types of Conflict That May Be Beneficial

All healthy relationships go through periods of conflict. When handled well, disagreements force people to talk, work out differen...
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