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Rock Climbing

Indoor Rock Climbing in Southwest Missouri

Missouri's many exciting outdoor climbing opportunities draw adventurers from around the Midwest, and spots like Elephant Rocks an...

The Good Side of a Backpack for Rock Climbing

There are definite advantages to taking a backpack rock climbing. Unless you’re free soloing, climbing demands a lot of equi...

How to Footlock Rope Climb

One of the best upper-body exercises you can perform to strengthen your forearms, biceps, shoulders, back and core muscles is rope...

How to Make Climbing Rope Leashes

If you enjoy rock climbing and dogs, then you may take pleasure in making a dog leash out of a climbing rope. A common way to recy...

Tools Used for Mountain Climbing

Climbers are not known for eagerly conforming to rules or standards. Quite the opposite, in fact. One result of this approach to l...

Indoor Rock Climbing Near Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

Wilkes Barre, in eastern Pennsylvania, sits near several popular outdoor climbing spots that draw experienced climbers much of the...

The Best Rock Climbing Pants

Your clothing choices can make or break your rock-climbing experience, no matter where your adventure takes you. The best climbing...

Rock Climbing Weight-to-Muscle Ratio

A skilled rock climber places as much weight as possible on his skeleton, engaging his muscles only when necessary to remain safe ...

Rock Climbing in Joshua Tree National Park

After the the twisted agave trees for which it was named, Joshua Tree National Park is perhaps most famous for its rock climbing o...

Muscles Worked During Rock Climbing

While some climbers prefer steep outdoor crags with tough-to-negotiate overhangs, other climbers prefer the relative safety of ind...
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