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Proper Position of Elbows When Rowing

Proper technique is essential whether you complete your rowing workouts on a real boat or on a machine in the gym. Positioning you...

The Differences Between Pendlay Rows & Barbell Rows

The Pendlay row is named after Glenn Pendlay, an Olympic weightlifting coach. The Pendlay version of the row is very similar to a ...

Rowing Techniques & Breathing

When it comes to rowing, it’s no good focusing on developing physical strength in isolation. Rowers may look like they are m...

Difference Between Barbell Rows and Pullups

Barbell rows and pullups do not look anything alike. They are executed with different body positions, joint movements and with dif...

Rowing Ergometer Training

A rowing ergometer is a stationary machine that enables its user to experience watercraft rowing indoors. The machine provides a t...

Rowing for Weight Loss

Rowing offers an effective workout for the whole body. The website Sport-fitness-advisor explains that rowing is one of the most p...

How to Build Row Boats

Building a row boat is an excellent introduction to amateur boatbuilding. The project is small in scope, relatively inexpensive, a...

The Best Stretches and Warmups for Rowing

Warming up and stretching properly before strenuous physical activity is important and can help improve your athletic performance....

Benefits of Rowing Shorts

Rowers choose from a variety of specialty gear, including technical attire constructed from state-of-the-art materials, such as po...

Is It Better to Become Muscular for Rowing?

It is not only better for a rower to be muscular, it is essential. However, the type of muscle development ideal for a rower focus...
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