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Rugby Training for Speed & Agility

An aggressive contact sport played by teams of 15, rugby places great physical demands on its participants. Success in rugby requi...

How to Gain Weight for Rugby

A physical game, rugby requires intense athleticism and strength. Competitive rugby players need to be fit and powerful to be succ...

Stretches for Rugby Players

Rugby is a sport that requires athletes to maintain a high level of physical strength, endurance and speed. But because it is a co...

Rugby Body Armor

An intensely physical, full body collision sport, rugby presents numerous opportunities for player injury. You may have to worry a...

Rugby Strength Workouts

Rugby is a rigorous, full-contact sport that requires tremendous physical strength and endurance. Because the rugby season involve...

Shopping for Rugby Boots

Rugby players sometimes borrow boots from other sports, such as football lineman cleats for rugby forwards or soccer shoes for bac...

Diet for Rugby Players

Playing rugby requires physical strength for fierce, full-contact play—as well as high levels of energy to endure the rigoro...

What Is the Difference Between Rugby Cleats & Football Cleats?

If you play rugby or American football, you need a quality pair of cleats. These shoes provide necessary traction on different typ...

What Do Rugby Players Wear?

Rugby is a very aggressive contact sport. Unlike other contact sports, particularly football, rugby players wear a minimum of gear...

Rugby Muscular Endurance Exercises

Rugby is classified as a "multi-sprint" sport, according to Sports Fitness Advisor. Rugby players must perform repeated sprints of...
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