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Scuba Diving

Perforated Eardrum From Scuba Diving

Your eardrum, also called the tympanic membrane, is a thick piece of tissue situated between the outer and middle ear canal. Your ...

What Depths Can SCUBA Divers Dive Safely?

Scuba gear allows humans to breathe underwater through a mouthpiece attached to a tank of air. As a result, it gives divers an opp...

SCUBA Diving Tips for Beginners

More than two thirds of the planet is underwater. The underwater world is home to hundreds of thousands of different animals and p...

How to Calculate a Scuba Weight Belt

Weight belts or other weight systems help scuba divers maintain neutral buoyancy underwater. Because of humans’ natural buoy...

Scuba Diving in New Jersey

The idea of New Jersey as a scuba diving destination may earn a double take. That distinction becomes somewhat less surprising whe...

Diving & Ear Problems

Dramatic changes in pressure affect your ears and sinuses. You might have experienced ear popping as an airplane descends, for exa...

The Best Scuba Masks

Some people enjoy scuba diving for the freedom of weightlessness, others like it for the excitement and exploration, but everyone ...

Steps to Set Up Scuba Tanks

Setting up a scuba tank can be a bit intimidating for the beginning diver, but this process will eventually become second nature. ...
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