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Sensory Integration Disorder

How to Teach Calming Techniques to Children With Sensory Integration Dysfunction

Sensory integration dysfunction, a diagnosis proposed by occupational therapist A. Jean Ayres, Ph.D., describes individuals who ar...

Medications for Sensory Processing Disorders

Sensory processing disorder, a neurological problem that impacts learning and behavior, used to be called sensory integration diso...

Understanding Sensory Processes

The sensory process is a combination of your body's physical or neurological response to stimuli and your mind's reaction to it, a...

Tactile Sensitivity in Children

While most children would relax to a gentle back rub or enjoy a game of tag, some children experience everyday touch differently. ...

Supplements for Kids With Sensory Integration Problems

Sensory processing disorder, or SPD, is a condition in which the brain is unable to handle various types of messages received thro...

Toilet Training & Sensory Integration Disorder

For your child with sensory processing disorders (formerly known as sensory integration disorders), potty training might feel over...

Vestibular Activities for Sensory Integration Disorder

The vestibular sense—also called the balance sense--tells your body how to shift your weight when your center of gravity cha...

Causes of Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory integration or sensory processing disorder (SPD) is the brain's inability to receive sensory input and process it into app...

Can Foods Affect Sensory Integration Disorder?

The senses of hearing, smelling, vision, taste and touch are crucial for affecting the way that people live and react to their sur...

ADHD & Sensory Integration Disorder

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), considered one of the most common childhood diagnoses, causes difficulties with a...
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