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What Is the Difference Between a Legal Separation & a Separation Agreement Contract?

Experiencing marital problems likely leads you to a juncture at which you desire to understand all of your options. Divorce certai...

How to Leave When Your Husband Is Cheating

Discovering your husband is having an affair is a devastating experience. Unfortunately, the situation can become even more painfu...

Legal Separation Vs. Divorce in Indiana

Legal separation and divorce are two separate options for Indiana residents who no longer wish to remain married. While a divorce ...

Wife Rights During Separation Before a Divorce

Women contemplating divorce should understand their basic rights during and after divorce proceedings. You also need to know your ...

How to Legally Separate From a Spouse

Reaching a juncture at which you no longer can live with your spouse, you may wonder what options exist. The most common course is...

How to Deal With Disrespectful Stepchildren

A second marriage can bring with it individual challenges that a first marriage doesn't. It's no surprise that the Centers for Dis...
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