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Setting Goals

5 Steps to SMART Goal Setting

Setting goals will help you achieve your dreams. Goals play a significant role in success, and they provide a means to measure pro...

How Many Sets of Reps Should I Do When Working the Biceps?

Your biceps lie along the front of your arm and help to bend your elbow and raise your arm. Strengthening this muscle will increas...

Rajesh Durbal Proves the Power of Perseverance

Three years ago, Rajesh Durbal became the first triple amputee to complete the Hawaii Ironman in Kona, finishing the legendary tri...

Interpersonal Conflict Handling Styles

Interpersonal conflict occurs in any setting where two or more people must work together, such as corporations, marriages, friends...

How to Set Goals in New Year

Setting resolutions at the start of a new year can be effective if you create goals that are realistic and you make them fun in so...

How to Install an Inground Basketball System

Setting up your own inground basketball hoop can make it possible to hone your basketball skills right at home, any time. You want...

Personal Goals for Kids

Teaching children to set goals when they're young establishes a habit they'll benefit from throughout their lives. The Family Educ...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Goal Setting

Goals--plans to achieve something--have several purposes in personal and professional settings. The University of New Hampshire ex...

Examples of Setting Goals in Sports

Setting goals is a powerful motivator in sports performance. Goals give individual players and sports teams targets and numbers to...

Fun Goal-Setting Activities

Working toward a goal or dream is often hard work. You stay motivated by reminding yourself of the ultimate reward of accomplishin...
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