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Sex Information

Exercises for Better Sex

When your sex life isn’t what you think it should be, there could be several factors at play. In some cases, stress, depress...

When Is It Safe to Have Sex Again?

Ironically, the question of when it's safe to have sex after giving birth can be awkward to ask, even of the doctor who was with y...

Questions to Ask Your Sex Partner

Getting intimate with another person can be an exhilarating and emotionally nerve-wracking experience, particularly in the early s...

What Vitamins Are Good for Sexual Stamina

The foods you eat can boost your libido and physical performance in the bedroom by adding vital nutrients that improve circulation...

How to Have Longer Sex

When it comes to lasting power, there are some guys who have it and some who don't. The bottom line is if you and your partner are...

The Meaning of Virginity

Since there is no reliable medical measure of virginity, the meaning of virginity is primarily a social construct. Many cultures ...

Drugs That Enhance Sex

Sexuality is a fact of life. Either because of boredom or medical or psychological problems, the pleasure of sexual relations betw...
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