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Exercises That Help You With Skateboarding

Exercises that help you with skateboarding strengthen the muscles necessary to increase your performance and advance in the sport....

How to Make a Skateboard Faster

Making a skateboard faster requires only a few tips and tricks and is not nearly as difficult as one would think. With some regula...

How to Ride a Longboard Skateboard

Riding a longboard skateboard uses many of the same techniques as those used to ride a regular skateboard. However, longboarding p...

Longboard Skating With a Push Pole

Longboarding blends the sport of surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding into one -- on land. Although some longboards can be push...

How Do Skater Chicks Dress?

Skateboarding may seem like a boy's club, but girls have been part of the scene for decades. In 1965, 19-year-old Patti McGee won ...

Good Skateboards for Beginners

Choosing the right skateboard remains a vital part of the learning process. Beginner skateboarders often have a smaller stature th...

Running vs. Longboarding

Whether on a college campus or in a city park, runners and skateboarders abound on a warm summer day. While runners still use the ...

How to Properly Ride a Longboard for Surfing

Surfing is a fun way to get out in the ocean and catch a wave. Surfboard riders come in all shapes and sizes, and the best ones co...

Longboard Skateboard Sizes

Skateboards vary with respect to length, width, wheel, trucks and board flexibility. Longboards offer benefits not typically assoc...

How the Skateboard Has Evolved

Skateboarding originated from the homemade scooters constructed from fruit crates and soap boxes, with metal roller skate wheels n...
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